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   Hazmat Technician Training Video   (MPG Format - 66 MB)

This two-part course is designed to meet or exceed all of the competencies recommended in NFPA 472, Chapter 4 through a unique combination of pre-study and hands-on learning.


A pre-study workbook must be completed using, as a reference, the textbook Hazardous Materials, Managing the Incident by Hildebrand, Knorr and Yvorra.  This prerequisite to the classroom portion of the course satisfies many of the NFPA 472 competencies and prepares students, on their own time and at their own pace, for a successful experience in this two-part course.


This one-week protion of the course is held at the Hammer Training Facility in Richland, WA.  ERTI can also bring this program to your location.  The week is evenly divided between the classroom and the drill court, taking the best possible advantage of dozens of hazardous materials props and scenarios.  Emphasis is placed on manipulative drilling in Level A PPE and achieving the maximum amount of "suit time".

The latest and best in instrumentation, equipment and PPE will be provided for the students' use.  Realistic scenarios will reinforce classroom lectures and discussions and will develop the students' confidence in their abilities to work competently and successfully in Level A.  The week will culminate with two real-time, full-scale team scenarios on day 5 of this course.



Workbook Review
Clandestine Drug Lab - Classroom
Scott Airpack and Savox communications gear familiarization
Level A suit familiarization
Rescue Drill in Level A suits


Chemistry (terms, definitions, resources)  - Classroom
Highway, rail and facility containers/marking systems - Classroom
Plugging, Patching and Confinement Drill -  Level A
Sampling Drill (including WMD techniques) - Level A


NBC Weapons - Classroom
Instruments and detection  - Classroom
Instrument familiarization
Instrument scenarios - Level A
Chlorine and Ammonia  - Classroom


Chlorine Kit Drills - Level A
Decontamination  - Classroom
Decontamination Setup
Decontamination Drill - Level A


Presentation of Certificates

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