Our Mission
The Emergency Response Training Institute; through a collaborative effort of representatives from the fire service, business, government, industry, labor and community; will provide for the highest quality training available, with safety as a priority; to achieve a new standard of excellence in the fields of fire service capability, industrial safety, and community awareness and preparedness.

Who Are We?
We are a group of dedicated professional firefighters, industry experts, business leaders and community advocates with a common goal. We will provide an innovative, collaborative approach to training designed to make all of us safer and more effective at work.

What Do We Offer?
ERTI’s practical application experience and collaborations with a variety of public and private entities means ERTI offers superior training programs.

Our programs are designed to help emergency responders and industry professionals operate together safely and efficiently to mitigate technical rescue incidents. We also work with the community to help tailor disaster awareness and preparedness programs to fit the needs to the local residents.

The Emergency Response Training Institute provides a wide variety of customized courses designed to achieve the client’s goals. We at ERTI specialize in Technical Rescue and Hazardous Materials training for the fire service, industry and the Military. ERTI, in conjunction with local and regional training facilities, deliver the highest quality program available today.

ERTI will tailor its curriculum to suit responders at any level, from Awareness to Technician. Our courses vary in length according to the customer’s needs, from one to five days per discipline depending on the desired level to be achieved. Unlike “one size fits all” courses that are advertised by subject matter alone, ERTI will mix and match our programs or create new ones to target your specific goals.

ERTI is happy to provide a “no cost” initial consultation to show you how we can design and deliver a cost effective, functional, success oriented program which will assist you in conforming to the latest regulations, standards and workplace best practices.