Our Hazardous Materials Technician trainers have a minimum of five years experience in both hazardous Materials technician response and hazardous materials instruction. A minimum of two instructors are present for every course we deliver.
Refresher training can be customized to fit the needs and requirements of your organization, based on your input. You can also choose from any combination of the following modules:

Site Management and Scene Control – 4 Hours

  • Early Recognition
  • Establishing the Incident Command System
  • Hazard Control Zones
  • Public Protective Actions
  • Communications, Notifications and Record Keeping
  • Hazard and Risk Identification – 8 Hours

This module covers the Hazard and Risk Assessment process, including:

  • Chemical Terms and Definitions
  • Chemical Classes and Characteristics
  • Radiological Response
  • Life-Safety Field Tests
  • Use of Resource Material
  • Instrumentation – 8 Hours

This module covers the use and maintenance of detection equipment involving the latest available technology, including:

  • Photo-ionization, Combustible Gas and Surface Acoustical Wave Detectors
  • Colorimetric Tube and Chip Detectors
  • Radiological Monitors and Detectors
  • Field Chemical Analysis
  • Civilian and Military WMD Detectors
  • Infra-red Spectral Analyzers

Mitigation – 8 Hours
This module covers the techniques and equipment utilized in an offensive response in order to control a hazardous materials leak or release, including:

  • Plugging and Patching
  • Overpacking; including Cylinders
  • Chlorine A, B and C Kits
  • Remote Shutoff
  • Product Transfer

Highway, Rail and Fixed Facility Containers – 4 Hours

This module covers the specifications and marking systems of bulk containers including:

  • MC and DOT Highway Transportation Containers
  • High and Low Pressure Rail Transportation Containers
  • Intermodal Containers
  • High and Low Pressure Fixed Facility Containers
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – 4 Hours

This module covers the various types of PPE, including:

  • Levels A, B and C
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment
  • Cooling Systems
  • Communications Gear
  • Specialized Protective Suits
  • Decontamination – 4 to 8 Hours

This module covers the decontamination process, including:

  • Mass Decontamination
  • Decontamination Equipment Options
  • 9-Step Technical Decontamination
  • Dry Decontamination
  • Radiological Decontamination