Tunneling projects have become increasingly attractive due to rising real estate values and advances in technology. Tunnels are rapidly becoming viable options for transportation and utility infrastructure across the country.

Construction, maintenance and operation of tunnels present unique hazards and challenging environments requiring specialized skills and training. Emergency incidents occurring in tunnels require significantly more resources than an event at grade. The increased demands of tunnel incidents tax both the physical abilities of the rescuers and the resources of even the most prepared organization.

Recently, changes to international standards and the NFPA 1670 and 1006 have been made to reflect the changing work environments these structures pose to responders.

ERTI offers state of the art training and consultation services to meet the specific needs of your organization, public or private. ERTI staff has decades of collective experience working in public – private partnerships to deliver effective tunnel rescue resources. We can leverage our institutional knowledge to help your organization develop a cost effective capability and agency-appropriate model.