One of the most potentially challenging and multidiscipline incidents fire service personnel may face is Trench Rescue. It is a dynamic environment that tends to be physically and mentally challenging due to the duration and unpredictable environment. Not only must the mechanical issues of stabilization be considered, but patients may also be facing traumatic injuries, hypothermia or experiencing the often forgotten complications of Crush Syndrome.

ERTI offers a two-day high-intensity Trench/Heavy Rescue curriculum that focuses on safely reaching the patient in the most efficient manner. Our philosophy is to discuss industry standards and gain a thorough understanding of the environment, then proceed to rescue procedures in a variety of dynamic, live settings. Trench shoring is only the beginning, as ERTI will design a variety of industrial collapse scenarios commonly found in these incidents.

Some of the subjects to be covered are:

  • Rescue Preparation
  • Soil Analysis
  • Types of Collapse
  • Industry Construction Standards
  • Shoring Philosophies
  • Water, Spot Shoring and Panel Shoring
  • Common Problems and Challenges
  • T and L Trenches, Depth, Width and Angulations
  • Incident Command for Trench Rescue
  • Vac-Truck Operations and Heavy Equipment
  • Patient Packaging and Extrication

At the technical level students will be asked to complete pre-study material and an additional 8 hours of hands-on training.

If we are there, something has gone wrong! Trench and excavation incidents are “Low Frequency, High Hazard” rescues. Our goal is to prepare potential rescuers to safely assess and mitigate site hazards, organize and implement a rescue effort and effectively extricate victims.