This is a two-part course based upon the requirements and competencies recommended by NFPA 472, Chapter 3, Competencies for the First Responder at the Operational Level.

The prerequisite to the classroom portion of the course consists of a pre-study workbook, to be completed at student’s own pace. The workbook is based upon a study guide provided by ERTI and the questions are referenced to the recommendations of NFPA 472, Chapters 2 and 3, providing documentation of a successful completion of the required competencies.

The classroom component of the course is delivered to a location of your choice by two of our instructors. Our instructors all have a minimum of five years experience in both hazardous materials technician-level response and hazardous materials instruction in courses ranging from Awareness Level to Specialist Training.

The eight-hour classroom curriculum can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. ERTI offers any combination of multimedia lectures, interactive discussion, scenario role-playing, exercises and manipulative drills so that you can choose the format that is most appropriate for your personnel. Our experienced instructors are able to train with the equipment currently in use by your organization or, if you prefer, any necessary equipment will be provided by ERTI including the very latest in response equipment technology.