ERTI offers a diverse Collapse Program

Earthquakes, floods, mechanical failure or acts of terrorism can cause structural collapse. This program helps prepare responders to identify and mitigate a wide variety of problems associated with structural collapse. As with all ERTI programs, Collapse is divided into modules designed to take students from a basic “awareness” level through the “technical” level if they so desire. The Collapse program is physically demanding and requires the student to complete a self-study manual for each module.

Structural Collapse entails many elements:

Module 1: Scene Assessment, Building Assessment and Surface Rescue
Module 2: Building Marking, Search Marking and Victim Marking
Module 3: Shoring Operations and Heavy Rescue Operations
Module 4: Extrication, BLS and ALS, Operation Termination and CISD

At the Awareness level, students will pre-study material and a 4 hour hands-on session.

At the Operations level, in addition to the Awareness level training, students will be responsible for pre-study material and will receive 16 hours of hands-on training.

At the Technical level, students will be asked to complete pre-study material and an additional 16 hours of hands-on training.

When disaster strikes, responders must be trained and ready to safely extricate victims of a structural collapse. ERTI’s Collapse Program will provide students with the training necessary to accomplish this task.