Hazardous materials are found everywhere. In their containers they do not normally pose much of a problem. If released or used improperly, however, they can be lethal.
Our Awareness Level hazmat course is an 8-hour program designed for everyone, including firefighters, law enforcement, truck drivers, train crews, industrial plant workers and anyone else who may come in contact with hazardous materials. The goal is to provide the first people on the scene of a release with the knowledge and skill to determine the presence of a hazardous material and the basic hazards involved.

This course meets and exceeds the NFPA 472, Chapter 2 competencies recommended for first responders.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be able to perform the following:

  • Detect the presence of a hazardous material
  • Survey the incident from a safe distance and identify the product if possible
  • Collect hazard information using the Emergency Response Guidebook
  • Initiate protective actions
  • Initiate the notification process
  • Establish emergency decontamination procedures

This course is designed to provide first responders with the tools to deal with an incident in a defensive fashion until trained help arrives. This ERTI course shows the first responder how to control the scene using basic resources that they already possess or are available at the scene. We will focus on scene control, site safety, product identification and emergency decontamination procedures.